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Public-private partnership leads to students connecting in nature!

May 20, 2012

The Center for Teaching sponsored a joint field trip for 2nd grade students from Drew Charter School and The Westminster Schools.  Elizabeth Tozzer, Stacey Bradley and Jane Simpkins organized this event that culminating a series of joint projects.  Drew Charter School 2nd graders came to the Westminster campus to look at the blue bird houses they sponsored as part of their work on Great Backyard Bird Count Day.  In addition, they walked the trail along Nancy Creek, engaged in a water-color painting project of the natural surroundings, completed a sun-print of objects they collected along the creek, and heard a talk from Nancy Jones of the Atlanta Audubon Society, blue heron nature preserve.

While a few adjustments had to be made in the agenda, the teachers pulled off a very successful event between our two schools.  The most important outcome from this event is our continued effort to build a strong and lasting relationship between Drew Charter School and The Westminster Schools.  Our 12 2nd grade teachers, Elizabeth Tozzer (Westminster art teacher), and Jane Simpkins (Center for Teaching) are successfully helping us reach this goal.

View more presentations from The Westminster Schools
It was a most successful day.  Second graders had fun learning and playing.  If you want more information about our public-private partnership between Drew Charter School and The Westminster Schools, go to the Center for Teaching website or call us at 404-609-6322.
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