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#leadership development: stay the course or try something new?

February 22, 2015
I read this interesting article, Future Trends in Leadership Development, written by Nick Petrie.  He proposes four trends for the future of leadership development.  (see page 6 for a summary, the whole article is about 30 pages)
  • More focus on vertical development
    • horizontal development focuses on specific competencies of individuals whereas vertical development focuses on developmental stages that people need to move through.
  • Transfer of greater developmental ownership to the individual
    • “People develop fastest when they feel responsible for their own progress.”
  • Greater focus on collective rather than individual leadership
    • Petrie envisions us transitioning from a time when leadership resided in an individual or role, to a new phase where leadership resides in a “collective process that is spread throughout networks of people.”  Reliance on a team instead of an individual!
  • Much greater focus on innovation in leadership development methods
    • Models of leadership that attend to developing a collective process or network don’t exist.  Petrie believes we need to rapidly innovate ways of thinking about leadership development.  “Organizations that embrace the change will do better than those that resist it.”
If you’re curious, add this one to your pile of things to read.

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