Being an effective team, what it takes to get there?

On Point, hosted by Tom Ashbrook, is an interesting program that explores issues through in-depth interviews with thought leaders.  I listened to today’s broadcast, Building a Smarter Team (link to the podcast), in which Tom Ashbrook interviewed: (1) Anita Woolley, professor of organizational behavior at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business; (2) Thomas Malone, professor management at […]

Promote Collaboration to Improve Faculty Culture in Schools

In reading a variety of unrelated articles and books recently a common theme emerged that struck me as important, but not necessarily novel.  Collaboration and cooperation are two extremely powerful ideas that directly impact on our ability to think creatively, and thus innovate.  Here are some of the readings have gone into my recent thinking […]

Public-private partnership leads to students connecting in nature!

The Center for Teaching sponsored a joint field trip for 2nd grade students from Drew Charter School and The Westminster Schools.  Elizabeth Tozzer, Stacey Bradley and Jane Simpkins organized this event that culminating a series of joint projects.  Drew Charter School 2nd graders came to the Westminster campus to look at the blue bird houses […]

Duolingo: Using Online Collaboration to Build and Create

I watched this very interesting TED talk this afternoon, Massive-scale online collaboration.  Luis von Ahn, computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University,  “builds systems that combine humans and computers to solve large-scale problems that neither can solve alone.”  He calls this work, Human Computation.  In this talk he describes his team’s research that resulted in […]

Lesson Study: An Approach to Improving Student and Faculty Learning

  At the Learning Forward Annual Conference on Monday, December 5, I went to a five-hour workshop entitled, Learning from Lesson Study: A Journey.  The workshop was given by a team of five educators led by Peter Brunn, the Director of Professional Development at Developmental Study Center (DSC). The agenda covered DSC’s work supporting school districts around the country that are interested in implementing lesson study.  They […]